Some instructors teaching their version of a guided UBC fast track have never actually taken and successfully passed the exam.  This is where we have real and recent experience with the course material.  Shane initially passed the UBC real estate course in 2002.  He then challenged the exam again in 2018 and passed a second time.  Alisha Ilaender passed the UBC real estate course in December 2018.


The text book provided by UBC is MASSIVE and very dry to read.  The english used is overly complex and the message could be easily conveyed by simplifying the concepts.  


After successfully passing the exam.  As much as they didn't want to see that big book again. Instead, both Shane & Alisha went through each chapter and reduced note worthy paragraphs into easily understandable sentences.  Then, graphics were added to give a better visual representation of the learning objectives.


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(NOTE:  We don't always start from chapter 1.  Depending on when you sign up, we might be on a different chapter and we'll eventually get back to earlier chapters)

Chapter 26 – Technoogy and the Real Estate Licensee

The way that technology affects your business is of importance as you determine your technology needs.
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Chapter 25 – Introduction to Marketing

Ask yourself, "Is the business strategy I am using right now helping me find new clients, keep my existing clients…
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Pay Per Click Strategies

Chapter 24 – From Contract to Completion

  Purchaser’s Statement of Adjustment     Ask 2 questions for each item   o Debit Does purchaser/vendor owe at…
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Chapter 23 – Income or Investment Approach of Apprasial

Chapter 23 — The Income or Investment Method of Appraisal   The method used to determine the value of income-producing…
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Chapter 22 – Direct Comparison (Comparative) and Cost Approaches of Apprasial

  Comparative Method     Also known as the Market Method Estimates are based on:   o Similar Properties o…
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Chapter 21 – Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal

  Real Estate Appraisal is an estimate of value   Information concerning real property is limited and difficult to collect…
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Pay Per Click Strategies

Chapter 20 – Building Design and Construction

    Real Estate Licensees need to know what buyers value in a home by inspecting properties and finding the…
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Chapter 19 – Taxes on Real Property

  Who Pays Property Tax?     Registered Owner of the interest in the property includes:   o Registered owner…
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100% Passing Guarantee

We're committed to your success and we'll never give up on you.  We Guarantee that if you take the UBC exam and were unable to achieve a passing grade of 70% or more, the instructors at Exceeds Realty will remain fully engaged with our students.  We'll help you prepare for your future attempt(s) at no additional cost to you!