Chris Ryan

Chris is an author, Forbes contributor, multimillionaire real estate investor and adviser and a philanthropist.

As a seasoned real estate adviser of over 16 years, Chris Ryan is recognized as one of North America’s industry leaders in all facets of real estate. Chris is now focused on building a legacy that aims to make this world a healthier place from an environmental and humanitarian standpoint.
Prior to many of his notable successes and accolades in real estate, Chris authored a novel titled, “The Passion Hunt – Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life”.  A key philosophy shared in his book includes the concept of full spectrum wealth, meaning “to be truly wealthy, one must achieve wealth in all areas of life such as physical, mental, spiritual, financial, relational and legacy wealth”.  He will publish and release this book in 2019.
Throughout his work and life, his overarching goal has been to make people more conscious of what really matters in life.  In 2010, he enjoyed a few inspiring seconds of fame when he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show where he was shortlisted for an opportunity to have his own show.  Chris was showcased first on the sizzle reel which aired his message: “I want to make people more conscious”. From that experience he continued to level up his life, additionally fueled by his desire to create a loving family of his own and means to support them. Two years later he met his beautiful wife, Chelsea and married in 2015. In 2017, they welcomed their first son Andreas.
During this time, Chris went on to become the founder of his own real estate group called Luxury Lifestyles, which he later expanded to become Beyond Properties Group. Beyond Properties Group consists of heartfelt leaders joining together out of a desire to make a positive change in the real estate industry. They created their Core Values around giving back, transparency and evolving in both the industry and themselves. BPG takes on initiatives that are environmentally or humanitarian focused and has initiated beach cleanups around the world, building community and camaraderie by removing garbage from beaches and oceans.

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