Our program simplifies the UBC course content into a 56 hour training session specifically designed for you to understand the type of questions on the exam and how to pass.  


1. Classroom sessions are held twice per week

2. Course Binder / Workbook Included

3. Two dedicated Instructors In Class

4. Mock Exams & 1,000 Question Study Review


Most students are intimidated by the Math portion, don't be.  After our simplified math tutorials almost all of our students would prefer the exam to be 100% math.


1. Calculator sessions start at the very basics.

2.  Reverse engineering the question to easily find the solution.

3. We show you the things to look for and everything to ignore.


If you have a question that just can't wait for our classroom sessions, you can contact one of our instructors during the day.


1. Add Shane & Alisha to your whatsapp or Facebook messenger.

2.  We'll add you to the Pass Real Estate Today group where you can post your question.

3.  If one of our other students don't get back to you first, we will!


|  Exceed Expectations  |


|  Exceed Expectations  |

Each of the 26 Chapters in the UBC manual is very in depth has been simplified into talking point learning objectives.  Some students start reading the UBC manual and give up because the language is rather intimidating.  Our goal with this course is for you to gain an understanding of all the terminology, concepts and content required to read a question and select the right answer.  Learn more about our course curriculum!

Study from anywhere!  Classroom sessions are held twice per week via GoToMeeting.  Your instructor will share their screen and review the course material.  Questions during the session are encouraged.

Our workbook outlines the important learning objectives in each of the 26 UBC chapters.  When a new student sign's up, we Express mail out a package containing the Study Binder & Course Material.

Don't think of the "math" or "calculator" section as advanced formula's you'll have to memorize.  Think of it like this, the math questions will generally ask you to solve for a variable.  They give you 4 data points (Interest Rate, Compounding Rate, Term of Mortgage, Payments and Loan Amount).  You enter what they give you and press the button for what they're asking.  It's as easy as that!

Constantly staying up to date on the UBC course content & changes.  UBC post's updates and changes to the course content that most student's overlook.  We make sure our students are aware of updates in preperation.


Since the UBC Real Estate course is correspondence, it can feel like you're all alone and isolated.  Human interaction with both the instructors and the students keeps our students motivated.  With our team on your side your chances of passing this exam are greatly increased.

We're committed to your success and we'll never give up on you.  We Guarantee that if you take the UBC exam and were unable to achieve a passing grade of 70% or more, the instructors at Pass Real Estate Today will remain fully engaged with our students.  We'll help you prepare for your future attempt(s) at no additional cost to you!